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Tone Lab – Dynamic Audio Synth Toy in Flash

by on Dec.18, 2010, under Experiments, Flash

I’ve been working on synthesizing audio in Flash for about a year off and on and decided to make something usable. I plan to add sharing at some point if people seem to enjoy it enough to make it worth it. Let me know what you think!

Tone Lab

Download Source

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Dynamic Confetti in Flash

by on Aug.01, 2010, under Experiments, Flash, post

I wrote this little script to dynamically generate and animate confetti this afternoon. It’s not the best I could have done, but I didn’t want to spend more than 3 hours working this out. You can check out the source here. Refresh the page if you missed it.

To view this Flash Confetti Experiment, please download Flash.

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Flash Audio Synthesis Toy V1

by on May.08, 2010, under Experiments, Flash, Games, Music, post

NOTE: I’ve improved this and released some much better source code. Check out the Tune Lab Flash Audio Synth!

I’ve finally gotten around to making something out of the Flash Audio Synth code I’ve been working on. This is just a simple sound toy, inspired by Andre Michelle’s Tone Matrix. I’ll be working on some original ideas for sound toys now that I have a decent code base to work from. Make sure to hit the start button when you’re ready to hear your creation. Enjoy!

To view this Flash Audio Synthesis Toy Demo, please download Flash.

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Flash Linear Audio Envelopes

by on Feb.20, 2010, under Experiments, Flash, Games, Music, post

This morning a put together a quick and dirty audio envelope class to use with my Flash synth demo. It uses linear functions to determine attack, sustain and decay. I just realized that I misnamed decay, as it should be release, so I’ll fix that in the code. Here’s an explanation of sound envelopes for synthesis if you’re not familiar. The animated block mirrors the volume in the envelope.

My next step is to clean all of this up and make a propper package out of it, so check back for cleaner code in a couple days. After that I need to make optimizations to how the synthesis works so I can put it to use. This is very processor hungry right now because I’m doing a lot of calculations at sample rate (44.1kH). After that I plan on adding log and exponential functionality along with some other curves. I’ll get around to trying out Pixel Bender for optimizing this stuff once it gets too processor intensive to handle.

Short Attack

To view this Flash Audio Synthesis Toy Demo, please download Flash.

Long Attack

To view this Flash Audio Synthesis Toy Demo, please download Flash.

Long Release

To view this Flash Audio Synthesis Toy Demo, please download Flash.

Long Sustain

To view this Flash Audio Synthesis Toy Demo, please download Flash.

To play with the envelope, change the values in the initValues method in There are two envelopes, one for sound and the other for the animation, because using the exact same levels don’t always produce an optimum animation. The maximum number of samples long the envelope can be right now is 88200 because of the lazy way I looped it. The project is completely purged of resources from others, so feel safe to use it in any projects you want.

Download source

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Flash Synth Blocks Demo 1

by on Feb.16, 2010, under Experiments, Flash, Games, Music, post

So I decided to make something with the Flash synth experiment I did yesterday. This is a chord builder in the key of C, with seven different notes from low to high. This is just another step in the evolution of my Flash audio tool for a grand game scheme I’m working on. Try clicking around to make a nice sound!

Demo: Warning, Sound On Load!


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Flash Sound Synthesis Demo

by on Feb.14, 2010, under Experiments, Flash, Games, Music, post

I worked on this little demo along with some Pixel Bender exploration this weekend. I used the Adobe Flash 10 demo as a start. After playing around with their code a bit I decided to add the ability to control the pitch using Midi code, which makes the jump to musical use easy. I added some optimizations like look up tables for frequency conversions as well. My apologies for the messy code, but I hate it when people talk about developing without posting the code. The demo below transfers your mouse Y value into a Midi code which is then converted to the proper frequency and played. I plan to integrate this into a game project I’m working on, so the code will get cleaned up and I’ll keep posting as I make improvements.

Update: Cleaned up the source code. Check out to see how it works.



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